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Kitchen Makeovers by Bath & Kitchen Showplace
Cabinets, Sinks, Fixtures, Hardware, and Lighting for Beautiful Kitchen Remodels

Welcome to the Bath & Kitchen Showplace – your gateway to stunning and functional furnishings and fixtures for kitchen makeovers. Whether you're considering a full-scale kitchen remodel or simply want to refresh a dated look, our handpicked selection of products can help you make a bold statement.

We are your go to source for kitchen remodeling products in Yakima, Selah, Ellensburg, Cle Elum, Wenatchee, Wapato, Zillah, Sunnyside, Grandview, Prosser, Pasco, Richland, and Kennewick. Looking for kitchen remodel ideas? Let’s explore some popular kitchen styles and ignite your imagination for your upcoming kitchen renovation.

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Modern Kitchen Makeovers

In modern kitchens, features like flat panel cabinets and space-saving organizers are used to create a clutter-free appearance. Simplicity and clean lines dominate, so think high gloss finishes and monochromatic color schemes for an elegant look. For hardware and fixtures, stainless steel is a popular option, while black or gold create a striking visual contrast against light colors.

Rustic Kitchen Makeovers

A rustic kitchen is a cozy space designed to feel lived-in. With this style, wooden cabinets showcase their natural beauty, while stone worktops bring the outdoors inside. Farmhouse sinks take center stage, surrounded by a palette of colors that mirror a stroll through the woods. Hardware and fixtures include brass and aged bronze pieces that add to your kitchen's authentic character.

Contemporary Kitchen Makeovers

If you’re interested in cutting-edge design, a contemporary kitchen may be right for you. These kitchens often blend exciting colors and textures for a dynamic appearance. The latest kitchen trends include multi-material countertops, functional storage units, and smart appliances. For hardware, handle-less cabinets can provide a clean look, while unique lighting fixtures can serve as stunning statement pieces.

Compact Kitchen Makeovers

Compact kitchens can benefit from flat-panel cabinets and clever storage solutions that reduce clutter. A thoughtful selection of colors and finishes can make a small kitchen feel larger and more open, with reflective surfaces being a popular option. Hardware and fixtures in sleek materials like stainless steel add visual interest without overwhelming your kitchen’s design appeal.

Kitchen Makeovers and Design Inspiration at Bath & Kitchen Showplace

Ready to fall in love with your kitchen all over again? Learn what you should consider and start your kitchen makeover with help from Bath & Kitchen Showplace. Our range of premium products is your ticket to crafting a fresh look that takes your kitchen remodel to the next level. Plus, with our kitchen designers by your side, you can experience a personalized shopping experience that big-box stores can't match. Ready to get started? Book a one-on-one consultation at our functional showroom.

Get in touch with the experts in kitchen makeovers. Call Bath & Kitchen Showplace at 509-248-2561 or book an appointment online. Proudly serving homeowners in Yakima, Selah, Ellensburg, Cle Elum, Wenatchee, Wapato, Zillah, Sunnyside, Grandview, Prosser, Pasco, Richland, and Kennewick, WA.

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